Natural Hair Porosity Explained – Take the Quiz!

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Hair porosity may sound like a scary term, but it’s an essential part to creating a full hair care regimen for your little one that works.

What is porosity anyway? Well, it’s essentially how well hair strands absorb moisture, and it all has to do with the hair cuticle. Each hair strand has cuticles that run along the length of the strand. Think of a pinecone and it’s woody scales.


Hair strands are made quite similarly. Open “scales” allow moisture to enter quickly; but they also allow moisture to escape just as quickly. Closed “scales” make it difficult for moisture to enter the hair strand. This is the difference between high porosity and low porosity hair.

Take the quiz below to learn more about what hair porosity is and gain an understanding of where your Afro Baby falls on the spectrum.

Keep lovin' that Afro Baby!

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Natural Hair Porosity Explained – Take the Quiz!

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