Are You Too Rough on Your Afro Baby’s Natural Hair? Take the Quiz!

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Given that natural coily or kinky hair is often thicker and more resistant to combing and brushing, parents believe their child’s natural hair should be handled a bit more aggressively. I’m sure many Afro Mommies can recall moments from childhood, sitting between momma or nana’s knees and having their hair pulled, tugged and “snapped” into submission. The reality is that this is not at all how naturally textured hair should be handled – Quite the contrary. Soft hands and a strategic approach can mean the difference between length retention and excessive breakage.

Take the quiz to find out if rough handling is the culprit to your Afro Baby’s hair woes.

Keep lovin' that Afro Baby!

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Are You Too Rough on Your Afro Baby’s Natural Hair? Take the Quiz!