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Welcome to Afro Baby!


Afro – It’s a hairstyle of tightly-packed, exquisite curls and coils; but it’s not only that. The word “Afro” denotes both heritage and culture. It describes black traditions, black societies, and black Americans. Afro Baby (formerly known as Kidz with Curlz) is dedicated to your children and all things AFRO – Afro hair. Afro family. Afro health. Afro life.

I’m Kesha, your guide along this journey. I’m a Digital Marketer, graphic artist, wife – and most importantly – a mom to twin 9-year-olds. Inspired by my daughter,  I’ve spent the last 9 years intensely studying the ways to properly care for natural African American hair and learning what it takes to keep it healthy and encourage growth. A lot of sweat and tears have gone into my baby girl’s hair (And she hasn’t been the one crying ?); But it’s all been worth it to see the beautiful, healthy crown that adorns my little one’s head.

Everything that I’ve learned, I share here on this site – interspersing beautiful graphics and digital media in order to impart my knowledge of natural hair care to frustrated moms and dads all across the country. I pride myself on being able to give my peers the tools they need to care for their little one’s specific hair needs, and I’ve made it my goal to help as many parents as I can to love, embrace, and correctly care for their Afro Baby’s unique kinks, curls or coils.  

It is with great hope that this site will assist you in gaining insight on natural hair best practices along with helping you to instill pride in your Afro baby for his or her exquisite Afro hair and Afro heritage.

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