Type 4 Afro Babies

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You or your Afro Baby may be a type 4 if your hair is full of exquisite, coily-kinky strands. This hair texture can best be described as “wiry” and defies gravity due to its makeup. Given the shape of the follicle on this hair type, natural sebum has difficulty getting down the full length of the strands. In turn, this type has a severe tendency towards dryness and breakage.

Top tips for Type 4’s:

Weekly to bi-weekly deep conditioning is imperative to maintaining hair health with type 4’s.

This hair type benefits greatly from the LOC method with water being the best “liquid”.

Using combs or brushes on type 4 hair while the hair is dry is a recipe for disaster. Grooming and detangling should be done while hair is wet.

Protective styling is key with this hair type. Hair should be worn tucked away frequently in order to set a foundation for optimum moisture and growth.

Type 4 hair should be handled gently. Treat it like gold.

Type 4 Breakdown – (Hover over each)

Type 4A - "Springy"

This hair type easily displays a curl pattern with very little product. When pulled it will create an ‘S’ shape.


Type 4B - "Crimpy"

This type 4 group tends to have less of a curl pattern when dry and no product. It will create a ‘Z’ formation when stretched and have sharp bends and angles.

Type 4C - "Ziggly"

This hair type is known for its densely packed, tightly kinked strands. Many don’t believe that this type is capable of ‘curling’, but curls CAN be defined but a optimum level of hydration must be obtained.

Product Suggestions for Type 4 Afro Babies

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