Type 3 Afro Babies

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You or your Afro Baby may be a type 3 if your hair is, on most days, shiny and full of body. Although this hair type tends to retain moisture well it can often have bouts of dryness, and if not handled properly can tend to lean towards looking “unruly” as opposed to full and healthy. Detangling this hair type can be tedious but not difficult and is usually made simpler by applying a product with lots of “slip”.

Top tips for type 3’s:

  • Type 3’s should either let the hair air dry after washing or opt for a diffuser which will enhance curl definition.
  • Using combs or brushes on this hair type while the hair is dry is a recipe for frizz and split-ends. Grooming and detangling should be done while hair is wet.
  • To prevent frizzy hair, use the pineapple method and a satin scarf when sleeping at night.
  • Some naturals of this hair type have benefited greatly from doing the Curly Girl (“no poo”) Method of hair care.

Type 3 Breakdown – (Hover over each)

Type 3A - Twirly

This tends to be the shiniest of the type 3 hair group. It’s discernible by it’s large bouncy curls that are around the size of sidewalk chalk.

Type 3B - Spirally

The curls of this hair type tend to be bouncy ringlets with a corkscrew shape. The curls are generally around the size of a large Sharpie.

Type 3C - Coily

This type 3 group often has tight defined curls with fine strands. It’s texture generally falls between type 3 and type 4 with very high density.

Product Suggestions for Type 3 Afro Babies

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