10 Ways to Get Your Afro Baby Used to Getting Their Hair Done

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1. Start young…

It seems obvious, but many don’t consider the idea of “training” their little one to sit still for hair days when they’re still only rocking a few whispy curls; but the reality is that the sooner you get your Afro Baby accustomed to sitting in one place while you do their hair the easier it will be.

Showing 2 of 11

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  1. great tips! My 2 year old is an absolute TERROR when it comes to getting her hair done. I mean, I could literally not have done anything but rub product in my palm then on her hair and she’s level 10 upset. Since she does like having her own things I think I’ll purchase her a special chair and throw a tablet in her face. I’ll usually have a her favorite movie on but it doesn’t work. She hates hair day but these tips will likely help and I will come back to let you know. Thanks.

  2. My 14 month old screams uncontrollably. Just going near her hair causes issues. I’ve tried special toys. The chair hasn’t worked for me yet. I just want to get her used to it now, or I know it will be much worse for her (and me) later.

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