7 Answers to the Age Old Question “Why Is My Child’s Natural Hair Not Growing?”

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Before we begin, it should be stated, that hair always grows. Unless there’s an underlying medical condition, at every point in time (if your child is 6 months or older) at least some portion of your Afro Baby’s scalp is in the growth or anagen phase. With that being said, many parents get frustrated with their little one’s lack of length and assume that their hair just isn’t growing. In most instances, it’s not that the hair isn’t growing, but that the hair isn’t retaining length. The reasons for this are numerous and will require some investigation on your part to get to the route of the issue.

The following is a list (not all-inclusive) of where you could be going wrong in your Afro Baby’s hair journey. Use them as stepping stones to develop a hair regimen that works for your little one.

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  2. Really do appreciate this post about infant hair not growing the way we expect. We just had our newborn and this is exactly what my wife and I were wondering. Thank you.

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